Promote Your Software on SoftwareLode

Thank you for your interest in software promotion methods we do currently provide on SoftwareLode! All the suggested methods do NOT require any payments so you can apply for them without any risk!

Apply for "SoftwareLode" Award

To get your software rated on SoftwareLode downloads site, please refer to Apply for Award page for details.

Add "Buy Now" Link

By providing an affiliate data you will get some advantages for your software listing on SoftwareLode. Listings with "Buy Now" link are additionally displayed:

  1. On "Buy now" pages for other listings in the appropriate category with established affiliate data in random order to increase their overall ranking on SoftwareLode,
  2. In "New Shareware Releases" sections on SoftwareLode main page and on the bottom of all appropriate category listing pages when being updated to increase its ranking and visibility.

To add the "Buy Now" Link for your listing just resubmit your PAD file via the PAD Submission form and select the appropriate registration service from the drop-down list along with specifying your software ID on selected service.

Affiliate data submission rules:

  1. The affiliate commission for your product should be at least 20% for prices under $20.00, and at least 15% for higher prices.
  2. Prior to submitting an affiliate data please ENSURE that you have ENABLED affiliate relationships for your software at current registration service.
  3. Please submit your affiliate data in APPROPRIATE format for current registration service - the examples are provided on the submission page.
  4. Do not forget to ACTIVATE our partnership request in 3 days after getting it.
  5. Do NOT submit affiliate data for a registration service that is NOT used on your web site! We do accept such submissions ONLY if you provide the affiliate certified custom builds for your software at the submitted service!

Note: Any violation of the affiliate data submission rules may cause not only the rejection for your new submission, but also the complete removal of ALL your active listings from our database!

Get Featured Listing on SoftwareLode

All featured software listings are additionally displayed on Featured Software section, and four randomly selected of them are displayed on the bottom of all pages of SoftwareLode web site.

To get your software listed as featured you have to do the following:

  1. Create a custom build with the registration link containing our affiliate ID (you can find our affiliate ID for appropriate service on Software Submission page) and host it on your server. If you use RegNow registration service you can easily create custom builds with provided stuff (if you do not have account on RegNow, you can create it here). If you use eSellerate registration service, your can submit your Hosted eST file for custom build download URL.
  2. Increase affiliate commissions up to 40% and higher.
  3. Submit your software for featured listing using our contact form and specify its Program ID on SoftwareLode, Title, Cost, Affiliate Commission, Custom Build download URL.

Note: Before submitting your software product for featured listing it should be rated by our review staff at least with "4 Stars".

Get Front Page listing on SoftwareLode

This promotion is available only for software products that are already listed in Featured Software section. To get your software listed on the front page of SoftwareLode web site you should increase our affiliate commission up to 60% or higher (depends on number of active slots as their total amount cannot exceed 6). Please feel free to contact us to know if we are currently able to add your software to the front page featured listings.



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