SharePointBoost Announces SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost 2.0

BEIJING,  CHINA,  NOVEMBER  9,  2010  -  SHAREPOINTBOOST,  a  leading  developer  of  SharePoint  enhancements,  today  announced  the  release  of  SharePoint  Alert  Reminder  Boost  2.0,  making  it  the  most  powerful  SharePoint  Alert  add-on  to  date.

SharePoint  Alert  Reminder  Boost  2.0  -  a  major  upgrade  to  the  SharePoint  Alert  Reminder  Boost  workflow  significantly  enhances  the  default  SharePoint  Alert  Me  feature  for  sending  alerts.  In  addition  to  alerting  users  on  item  creation,  modification  and  deletion  -  a  standard  Alert  Me  feature,  this  add-on  can  also  remind  users  based  on  customizable  dates  and  intervals  ensuring  that  important  deadlines  are  never  missed.  Powerful  and  highly  flexible  conditions  using  functions,  operators  and  list  columns  can  be  formulated  to  determine  at  what  time  and  under  what  circumstances  notifications  should  be  sent.  And  any  new  content  is  highlighted  in  the  notification,  saving  you  time  by  making  important  points  easier  to  find.

In  terms  of  specifying  notification  recipients,  you  can  now  send  notifications  to  columns  containing  users/groups  in  both  the  current  and  external  lists,  in  addition  to  existing  SharePoint  users/groups  (default  Alert  Me  feature).

SharePoint  Alert  Reminder  Boost  2.0  is  compatible  with  WSS  3.0,  MOSS  2007,  Microsoft  SharePoint  Foundation  2010  and  SharePoint  Server  2010,  has  cross-browser  support,  and  is  available  in  several  languages.

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